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Queen's House

It is our delight to work with Queen's House Retreat and Renewal Centre in Saskatoon to provide Design for Life's Programs. A place of hospitality, beauty and quiet, Queen’s House welcomes all peoples in their unique life experiences.


The lady Alliance

The Lady Alliance is a non-exclusive collective of outdoor women looking to break down barriers and empower ladies to get outside. Our goal is to build confidence and community through adventure. We are a highly engaged community looking to encourage and grow, share love and inspiration, and explore this world together.  


popbrand co.

STAND OUT ON THE SCROLL - Big thanks to POPBRAND CO. for working with us to create our DESIGN for LIFE website! Check them out and their beautiful design options.



Women In Leadership For Life (WILL) is dedicated to supporting women in living a fully expressed life and to being their personal leadership best. Thanks to Lillas & Linda for their support and everything they do for Women's Leadership.

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