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Becoming Yourself - Life’s Greatest Adventure

Discovering who you really are is a journey that is right at our fingertips but one that most of us never take. Sometimes it is because of fear and sometimes because we just don't know where to begin. “Becoming Yourself” will give you a taste of what could be your greatest adventure.

1. Understand more fully who you are apart from the roles you play and the expectations of others.

2 Learn how to create alignment between your day-to-day life and your core values.

3. Discover how fear holds you back from becoming everything we were created to be.

4. See how self-care and self-compassion are your greatest tools for growth.

$125 + GST (maximum 12 spots). November 23rd, 2019.

Queen’s House Retreat and Renewal Centre, Saskatoon

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Design for Life Women's Leadership Programs at Queen's House Retreat & Renewal Centre, Saskatoon, SK

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'Who Am I?'

Finding your Purpose through Inner Reflection

‘Who Am I?’ is the first step in the Design for Life Program.  It is a prerequisite to the other offerings. During this weekend away (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday) you  will  have time to stop, reflect and look inside yourself with a new lens.  You will be given a framework to use in your journey of self-discovery. Knowing ourselves and our core values helps to focus us on where we need to spend our energy to become the women we were created to be.  Explore a little deeper in a safe place. Experience curiosity about yourself, who you are and what you are meant to be doing.

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$225 (plus GST) includes lunch on Saturday & Sunday. For those who would like to live in, contact Queen's House for accommodations and additional meals


'Designing My Journey'

 1 Day Next Step

For those who have attended ‘Who Am I?’, there is a follow-up day available to look at the next steps.  Once we know better who we are and what really matters to us, how do we align our energy and spend our time doing things that fulfill us and bring real    value to those around us?  ‘Designing My Journey’ is a day of sharing and interactive    exercises that help you explore the          possibilities in your life.  Participants will learn how to use tools such as ‘mind maps’, ‘story-telling’ and ‘prototyping’ to discover how to start down the path of living in alignment with their core values.  To attend ‘Designing my Journey’, you have to have taken ‘Who Am I?’

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$125 (plus GST) includes lunch

*must have attended 'Who Am I?' to register


'Navigating the Path'

Group Coaching & Support

‘Navigating the Path’ is a series of four evening sessions of group coaching (once a month for 1.5 hours each).  These sessions are designed for those who have attended both ‘Who Am I?’ and ‘Designing My Journey’ to share successes and challenges along the path, support each other in practicing the tools learned in the previous programs and gain a deeper understanding of living out the principals of a value based, well designed, joyful life.

One evening / month (6:30 - 8:00 pm)

2019 dates to be confirmed. Subscribe below for updates.

Program Cost: $125 (plus GST) - (four sessions) 

*must have attended 'Who Am I?'  and 'Designing My Journey' to register