Living YOUR Life

We’ve talked a lot about authenticity and that we already have everything we need inside ourselves to live our best life. We’ve talked about discovering who we were created to be and doing what we are meant to be doing. Last time we talked about the adventure of getting to know ourselves; the process that helps us discover our passion and purpose.

Often books, inspirational leaders, teachers or parents will tell us that we have to decide what we want, where we want to be in 10 years so we can start to move towards it. But what if we don’t know our passion or if we are wrong? As we move along this amazing journey called life, one of the pitfalls we need to avoid is that belief that we have one path that we are meant to follow; one perfect outcome that will mean we’ve done it ‘right’. This is the kind of thinking that can paralyze us and keep us from taking any action at all.

Sometimes it can feel that the universe and our place in it is like a big puzzle that we have to figure out or a series of tests that we have to pass to win the prize. A small percentage of people do have that strong clarity but most of us come to our passion and purpose through a process of curiosity and discovery.

Recently I listened to Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. She spoke on this very thing. What freedom comes when we realize that we don’t have to have it all figured out before starting to move. It is in fact the moving and the doing that helps us begin to figure things out.

Remember the feeling of awe and wonder of play as a child? Discovering mud pies for the first time, building the first lego house or sailing down the street on your two wheel bicycle without your training wheels. The joy of accomplishment or discovery. Not everything you are curious about will spark your passion and what energizes you might surprise you but we will never know unless we are curious enough to explore.

Click on the link to watch Elizabeth and consider how you can incorporate Curiosity into your life to help lead you to your Passion.

Nothing brings these ideas together more than examples of women doing that very thing…. living their lives with curiosity and courage. There are many. Here are just a few of the amazing women who I know and who are inspiring me. They are listening to that inner voice and living in line with who they are, doing things that they believe in and discovering there own path. Click on the images to find out more about their journeys.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.
— Howard Thurman
Lynn GowComment